Need 23.73 – Single Mother Struggling After Divorce

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Today, we alert you to a hard-working single mother with two kids who is struggling after her divorce. She has been fighting to build a stable life for her family without any financial support from her former husband. She added childcare expenses to her budget during the summer. Then, her youngest child contracted an illness that spread to the rest of the family, causing her to miss w ...

Need 23.72 – Father of Three Suffers Torn Achilles Tendon

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We alert you today to a father of three children who tore his Achilles tendon and is undergoing surgery. He worked as a forklift driver and was at his most recent job for less than six months. When his employer learned he could no longer perform the physical duties necessary to do his work, they let him go. He will be out of a job for the next 9-12 months, depending on his recovery ...

Need 23.71 – Woman Forced To Leave Abusive Husband

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Today we alert you to a single mother of three children who left her husband in December after he was jailed for abusing her. She moved to another state and found an apartment for herself and her kids. She has been working full-time ever since to make ends meet. Her husband stopped paying the note on her car, which was unexpectedly repossessed in June. To keep her employment, she had ...

Need 23.70 – Mother Loses Son To Suicide

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We alert you today to a mother who lost her son to suicide in April. After returning home from her job in environmental services at a regional hospital, she discovered her deceased son in her apartment. The trauma has greatly affected her over the last four months. She decided to move out of the apartment since returning to the scene was just too overwhelming. She is receiving treatme ...

Need 23.69 – Man Severely Injured While Working Second Job

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We alert you to a family in need after the father was injured while working at his second job. He is a teacher who also repairs cars on the side to earn extra money. Last month, he cut off the tip of his finger just above the knuckle while working on a car. Doctors were able to reattach it, and he should regain full function after he recovers. The emergency medical care cost $4,000 ou ...

Need 23.68 – Single Mother of Three In Need

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We alert you today to a single mother of three girls in need of help to prevent eviction. The mother supports herself and her children as a bus driver for her local county school system. She receives no child support and lives on a very tight budget. Last month, she was caught in flood waters which damaged her car. The repairs totaled almost $7,000. She relied on the vehicle for her e ...