Need 22.53 – Elderly Man Needs Oxygen Tank

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We alert you today to an older man who needs an oxygen tank. He can no longer work, and he lives on a very limited income. He has dealt with several health issues over the last year, including recent heart surgery. Last week, he fell and fractured his back. His doctor has restricted him to two months of bed rest, but likely much longer. He also needs oxygen support at all times. The r ...

Need 22.52 – Single Mother With Car Trouble

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We alert you to a single mother whose car broke down two weeks ago. She has a strong history of working full-time and providing for her son. She does not have any family to support her, and the lack of transportation is threatening her employment and housing security. She has worked for the same company for three years. Her job site moves at least weekly, and many times, daily. The la ...

Need 22.51 – Mother of Three Fleeing Domestic Violence

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We alert you today to a mother of three (14,13,9) who we started working with this summer after she fled from a brutal domestic violence situation. The incident happened in July when the father of her children severely beat her. He was arrested and put in jail, but they could not hold him for more than a week. The responding officers were concerned about what would happen when he was ...

Need 22.50 – Single Mother Abused and Abandoned by Father of Her Child

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We alert you today to a single mother and her four-year-old son who are in crisis. She just graduated from college earlier this year. In March, they moved several states away from home along with the child’s father. A few weeks after moving, the father became verbally abusive towards her. The abuse became more frequent and escalated to physical abuse on July 4th. He abandoned the moth ...

Need 22.49 – Single Mother Involved in Car Accident

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We alert you today to a single mother of two kids who was involved in a severe motor vehicle accident in June. She suffered a fractured pelvis, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. Due to these injuries, she has been out of work for the last two months. Her doctors plan to clear her for a return to work in the next few weeks. She will not receive a paycheck until September. Because of t ...

Need 22.48 – Family Derailed By Unexpected Surgery And COVID Recovery

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We alert you today to a family that needs help after the mother had an unexpected surgery. The family relies on income from both parents. Her time off during recovery from surgery put pressure on their budget. They were able to make ends meet with his income, although they depleted their savings during that time. They seemed to have weathered the storm after she returned to work. Unfo ...