Need 22.57 – Woman Working To Stabilize Herself During Divorce

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We alert you today to a woman who has been caring for her two special-needs adopted sons (7,14) on her own while going through a messy divorce from her husband of 31 years. She discovered six months ago that her husband was unfaithful to her. She also realized that he had ruined their financial stability. As a result, she left home with the boys and moved into a friend's investment pr ...

Need 22.56 – 57-Year-Old Single Woman Needs Help

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Today, we alert you to a 57-year-old woman who needs help to avoid eviction. She is a therapist and works with children that have special needs. She has a good work history and track record of providing for herself. However, she lost her longtime client at the beginning of August, and it took her a month to secure a new client. During that time, she got behind on her rent and is now f ...

Need 22.55 – Single Mother Facing Prolonged Battle With Breast Cancer

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We alert you today to a 52-year-old single mother of two boys who has been facing a prolonged battle with cancer. In 2017, she was diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, received chemotherapy, and began a reconstruction process. During the reconstruction, her skin would not completely heal. After six months without resolution, the doctors recommended a full ...

Need 22.54 – 64-Year-Old Blind Man Needs Help

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We alert you today to a 64-year-old man who has been dealing with limited vision for a decade. What little eyesight he was accustomed to has faded away completely due to diabetic retinopathy and uveitis. He is also dealing with bladder cancer, Parkinson’s, and various pulmonary and cardiac issues. He lives on disability with very little family support. This man is in serious need ...

Need 22.53 – Elderly Man Needs Oxygen Tank

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We alert you today to an older man who needs an oxygen tank. He can no longer work, and he lives on a very limited income. He has dealt with several health issues over the last year, including recent heart surgery. Last week, he fell and fractured his back. His doctor has restricted him to two months of bed rest, but likely much longer. He also needs oxygen support at all times. The r ...

Need 22.52 – Single Mother With Car Trouble

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We alert you to a single mother whose car broke down two weeks ago. She has a strong history of working full-time and providing for her son. She does not have any family to support her, and the lack of transportation is threatening her employment and housing security. She has worked for the same company for three years. Her job site moves at least weekly, and many times, daily. The la ...