Need 21.31 – Family Support For Severe Car Accident With Injuries

Today, we alert you to a young family of a single mother in need of support after a serious car accident. She and her two children moved across the country late last year for an employment opportunity. They were involved in a head-on collision, and all three of them were injured. They do not have much family support to begin with, let alone where they now live in Utah. Their closest relative is the woman’s aunt who is a member of one of our local church partners in Georgia. The aunt is a married mother of five children who is a nursing school student. The need for this trip was unplanned, and the aunt does not have the financial resources for a flight, lodging, and a rental car to travel to Utah and help her niece and the kids while they recover from the accident. The estimate for her travel expense is $850, and we want to help her support this young family in their time of hardship.






raised of a $850.00 goal

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