Need 21.33 – Woman Needs Help Getting Out Of Pay-By-The-Week Motel – Part Two

Today’s Need Alert is a little different. This will be the second and last phase of helping a woman get out of the financial trap of living in a pay-by-the-week motel. Many of you helped fund the first phase through Need Alert 21.24 which I copied below:

We alert you to a single woman who needs help getting out of the pay-by-the-week motel cycle. I am almost certain we will send two separate Need Alerts on her behalf. This first Need Alert has two objectives: we want to stabilize her housing situation and help her address her mental health. This woman suffered through abuse as a child. She married as an adult, owned her own home, and worked full-time for years. Over time, her husband became abusive. During an altercation in 2014, she stabbed him with a knife in what she thought was self-defense. She was sentenced to five years in prison and lost everything. In 2019, she was released and has been working full-time as a chef on the night shift for a food services company.

At the beginning of 2020, she married again. One week later her new husband left with their car, and he never returned. She has not seen him since. She has been living in pay-by-the-week motels for the past year, which are not in her $13/hour budget, but securing an apartment as a felon with poor credit has proven too much for her to overcome. We want to help her get back on her feet. In the short term, she needs $600 to cover rent for two weeks at her current motel. We are working with her through the apartment application process that costs $130 per application. We also want to assist in addressing her mental health by working with our mental health expert partner who will be providing her with five sessions at a cost of $375. The total need for this initial alert is $1,105.

Now, for the last phase of this Need. She has done the legwork to get approval for an apartment that is within her budget. She just needs the first and lastĀ month’s rent plus a security deposit totalingĀ $1,922. We want to cover these fees to help her secure this new apartment and get her out of the motel financial trap.






raised of a $1,922.00 goal


  1. Elizabeth Lelchuk
    30.06.2021 at 8:58 pm

    God bless this woman. I pray that the Lord upholds her and opens her heart to know Him as her Savior and to give her the lasting peace that she so desperately needs (as we all do).

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