Need 21.43 -Woman Suffering From Epilepsy And Lupus Needs Help

We alert you to a 46-year-old woman suffering from two types of severe epilepsy and lupus who needs help. She is totally disabled and requires a caregiver for daily tasks since she cannot drive on her own. Due to her fixed income, she needs affordable housing. Several years ago, her apartment rent increased above what she could afford, so she moved in with a family and rented a room. All was fine for six months or so until the family became violent toward her. She moved from the rented room into an extended stay motel and has been stuck in the pay-by-the-week motel cycle ever since.

The motel cost has completely wrecked her monthly budget. She needs help getting into affordable permanent housing. The good news is that she is approved for an apartment within her budget that will be available in two weeks. She needs $880 to cover the next two weeks in the motel. She also needs first and last month’s rent plus fees for the new apartment, totaling an additional $1,305. We want to help her make this housing transition, knowing that this change will stabilize her situation moving forward.






raised of a $2,185.00 goal

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