Need 22.29 – Couple Struggling To Recover After Wife’s Brain Surgery

We alert you today to a woman who underwent brain surgery and faced complications with her recovery. In November of 2020, she started having significant headaches and lost sight in her left eye. Doctors found that she had fluid on her brain, and they performed the needed surgery. During her recovery, she started suffering from severe pelvic pain. After several visits to the hospital, doctors performed another surgery to adjust the shunt that was placed in her brain during the first surgery. This second procedure resolved her residual pain issue, but it also reset her recovery clock.

Both her and her husband have a solid work history, and they live on their combined income. The surgery and recovery took her completely out of work for over a year. They scrapped and clawed to keep up with the bills. The couple used a moratorium on utility bills during the pandemic to pay for the mounting medical costs. Now that the moratorium has ended, their water bill is almost a full year past due. She is back at work now, and they are still recovering, financially. They have been making regular minimum payments on the water bill but haven’t made any progress on the balance. Late fees continue to mount, and they are now in danger of losing their water service. They need $1,500 to clear the balance. We want to remove this burden and put them back on a better financial footing.






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