Need 22.36 – 36-Year-Old Single Woman Caring For Her Ailing Mother

We alert you today to a 36-year-old single woman who is caring for her 70-year-old mother. Several weeks ago, the mother suffered from seizures in her home that caused her to fall and be injured. While treating her injuries, doctors discovered life-threatening blood clots. She underwent surgery and stayed in the hospital for seven days. When she returned home, her leg began to swell again. She was readmitted to the hospital where they discovered more clots.

The mother is back at home now, but she is immobile and needs constant care. The daughter has taken unpaid time off from work to care for her mother, and she continues to lose hours at work. Adding to the pressure, the mother needs a new recliner for her recovery that costs $800. The daughter also needs $1,800 in car repairs so that she can continue to care for her mother. We want to remove these financial pressures and help this daughter support her mother’s recovery.






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