Need 22.38 – Widow Dealing With Ankle Surgeries

Today, we alert you to a widow who fell and broke her ankle in March of this year. Since losing her husband of 26 years, she has been able to provide for herself by working two jobs. She does administrative work during the day and serves tables at night. Her injury required the first of a series of surgeries in mid-April and another surgery earlier this month. In three weeks, she will undergo her final surgery.

As you can imagine, this has kept her from her second job as a waitress, but it has also cost her hours at her regular day job. She is alone, with no family support, and faces another 2-3 months of recovery. Her rent is $1,100 per month, and she is unsure how she will pay next month, let alone the next three months. We would like to care for this widow by relieving the financial pressure of her housing. We want to pay her rent for the next three months while she gets back on her feet.






raised of a $3,300.00 goal

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