Need 22.52 – Single Mother With Car Trouble

We alert you to a single mother whose car broke down two weeks ago. She has a strong history of working full-time and providing for her son. She does not have any family to support her, and the lack of transportation is threatening her employment and housing security. She has worked for the same company for three years. Her job site moves at least weekly, and many times, daily. The lack of a consistent job site makes it very difficult for her to arrange transportation without her own vehicle. When I spoke with her, she began crying from exhaustion. She told me that she had walked three hours to get to work today. I asked her why she did not ask for a ride or call a cab. She told me that she does not have anyone, and she needs to save money to pay for food.

She currently pays $300 per week in rent, which is due every Monday. We want to cover her rent this coming Monday. We also want to help her repair the transfer case in her car. The repair cost, with a discounted labor rate, comes to $1,350. Let’s shine a little light into her world by meeting this need.






raised of a $1,650.00 goal

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