Need 21.26 – 32-Year-Old Single Mother Without Water

We alert you, for the last time this week, to a 32-year-old single mother who needs her water turned back on. She works full-time and cares for her 8-year-old daughter. She also has custody of her 17-year-old sister. Her roommate/best friend was contributing to the bills by paying for their utilities. After the water service to the apartment was cut off, she discovered that the water bill had not been paid in months. She was forced to kick her friend out. She paid the full rent this month and will be able to afford all the bills on her own moving forward. However, she is unable to cover the cost of the overdue water bill. We would like to help her with $600 to get that bill up to date and restore her water service.






raised of a $600.00 goal

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