Need 21.27 – Single Mother Of 5 Lost Her 15-Year-Old Son In Drive-By Shooting

We alert you today to a single mother of five children (ages 17,15,14,10,7) who lost her son in a drive-by shooting last year. Her son was gunned down in front of their house as he took the trash out to the curb one morning last November. She has worked full-time for the past 15 years in administration at a prestigious private university. The university gave her some time off immediately after the tragedy, and she returned to work in January. She thought she could return to the normal stresses of life, but she began having breakdowns at work. The university allowed her to take all of her sick leave and vacation days. When she ran out of those days, she was placed on administrative leave with no pay. The school has reserved her position while they administer an employee review in the next month. She will be able to return to her position in July. She lives very modestly, but she is currently out of all financial resources. She needs two months’ worth of bills that total $1,520 until she can return to work. Just as important, she also needs counseling to deal with the loss of her son. We would like to provide her with 8 counseling sessions totaling $600 with the One Need Mental Health team.






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