Need 21.28 – 48-Year-Old Single Woman Facing Eviction Due To COVID Shutdowns

We alert you today to a 48-year-old single woman who has tried to work through the entire pandemic. She lost her original employment due to COVID shutdowns and has worked in temporary positions while she looked for full-time employment. She has no family and a long history of providing for herself. She has secured full-time employment and has been in the new position for the past ten days. She is behind on her May rent and now owes for the month of June. Her normal rent is $1,400 but the management company has added late fees and other charges. She faces eviction in the next two weeks, but with her new employment, she will be able to sustain her housing starting in July. She needs $3,200 to get square with her landlord and back on her feet. We want to help her avoid eviction.






raised of a $3,200.00 goal

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