Need 21.45 – Woman Caught In The Crossfire

We alert you today to a woman in need of trauma counseling. Three months ago, she was involved in a minor car accident on her way to meet a business client. To clear the roadway, she and the other driver pulled into a private parking lot. As they waited for the police to arrive, her client showed up at the parking lot. Other men arrived on the scene carrying firearms and began shooting toward her client while he was in her car. She ran through the gunfire, and across the street, to escape the ordeal.

Her business client was shot nine times, and somehow she escaped the crossfire without being hurt. He survived, but she has been unable to function normally since the shooting occurred. She is living in fear to the point where she is not able to go outside. She initially asked us to help pay her rent that is three months behind with late fees. Upon digging into her need, this story emerged. We may address her rent in a future need, but more urgently, she needs trauma counseling in order to cope with these events. We would like to provide 12 sessions with our mental health professional at $75 per hour. The total cost for her mental health need is $900.






raised of a $900.00 goal

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