Need 21.46 – New Father Working To Do The Right Thing

We have all made mistakes and poor decisions. Many times, our lives are shaped more by how we respond to those mistakes rather than by the mistakes themselves. When we turn to God through our struggles and missteps, He becomes the Waymaker when we can’t see a way through. As we seek God’s design for our lives, He shows up in ways we could never imagine. These “unseen forces” coming to our aid are often God choosing to use imperfect believers as His mechanism to impact our lives.

We alert you today to a new father who is working hard to do the right thing. He and his fiancée met online while living in different states. While they were dating, she became pregnant. He decided to move to her town and support her during her pregnancy. Their new baby boy is two months old now. The father found himself unemployed after the move and has not been able to find employment that can support his new family on a single income.

Realizing that he needed to be working and doing something to help, he took a job at McDonald’s for $11/ hour. He is working a ton of hours while looking for more gainful employment. The mother has been unable to work because she is caring for the newborn, but she should return to work in the next few months. They are attending services at one of our local church partners and engaging with that faith family. They are also in couple’s counseling with the pastor and his wife.

This new father and mother made decisions that were out of God’s design for their lives. However, the father has made sacrifices that show he is willing to make the day-to-day choices to help his family get back on track. I feel strongly that this new mother and father will do what it takes to stabilize their financial situation, having already made great strides in that direction. They are dealing with some expensive car repair issues ($1,000) and need help with their rent ($1,500) which is one month past due.






raised of a $2,500.00 goal

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