Need 21.68 – 73-Year-Old Single Woman In Need

We alert you today to a 73-year-old single woman in need. She owned her own daycare business for 18 years and retired a few years ago. She has been able to make ends meet with her retirement income. Several months ago, she was involved in a car accident that required her to get a new car. After purchasing the car, and adjusting to the car payment, she realized just how fragile her retirement budget was. She now finds herself in a situation where she is unable to cover her $1,200 rent payment this month, and she is facing possible eviction.

Knowing she needed to do something, this elderly woman reached out to one of our local church partners, asking if they could help her find employment in the child care field. They hired her for an available position at the church! She starts work in the new few weeks. This new income will ease her budget issue, and she will be just fine, going forward. We want to pay her rent this month to help her avoid the eviction process.






raised of a $1,200.00 goal

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