Need 21.69 – 34-Year-Old Single Mother Needs Trauma Therapy and Car Repair

Today, we alert you to a single mother of a 14-year-old daughter who needs help. This 34-year-old mom grew up in the foster care system. For a majority of children, foster care offers a needed escape from unsafe or abusive circumstances. Unfortunately for this mother, her experience was part of the exception to that rule. She suffers from severe emotional wounds and PTSD from trauma inflicted on her while she was in the foster care system. She and her daughter were living in their car when a local church helped them get a motel for a few weeks.

This single mom was working, but her car engine failed. She reached out to our local church partner asking for help with the $1,000 repair so she could get back to work. As I spoke with her, it became clear that she needs trauma counseling just as much as she needs the car repair. We want to help her with both. The new motor for the car is $1,000, and we want to cover the cost of eight sessions with our mental health team. Each counseling session is $75. An additional $150 covers resources for training and encouragement that go with the counseling program. We want to accompany our verbal affirmation of God’s love for her and her daughter with these tangible expressions of His love.






raised of a $1,750.00 goal

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