Need 22.1 – Single Woman In Need

We alert you today to a single woman who is heavily involved in serving at her local church and has a long history of providing for herself through a stable employment history. This past year has been particularly hard on her as she lost her full-time employment in the first quarter of the year. In the summer, her adult son began to have epileptic seizures. She traveled several states away from her home to care for him for about a month. When she returned home, her elderly mother had to move into a new care facility which incurred significant expenses that she covered for her mom. Although she continues to work several part-time jobs, and has worked very hard to keep everything together, she is unable to pay this month’s rent. We are prayerful that she will secure new full-time employment soon, and she has some very promising prospects. We would like to help pay her $1,400 rent this month so that she can avoid eviction proceedings.






raised of a $1,400.00 goal

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