Need 22.41 – Single Mother of Two Kids Flees Domestic Violence

We alert you today to a family in crisis. The single mother of two (6, 2) fled a domestic violence environment with her two children. They left with nothing but the clothes on their backs. This is the second domestic violence situation she has dealt with in the past year. The children’s father is in jail for murdering someone in their home. The single mother then got involved with another man who was addicted to methamphetamines. He held her at gunpoint in their home.

Although her decisions leading up to this crisis were far from perfect, the single mother and her children are now living safely with the children’s grandmother. The grandmother has room for them, but she is on a fixed income and cannot afford any extra expenses. This family is in need of clothes and basic daily supplies before school starts in a few weeks. The mother needs trauma counseling, and when talking to the grandmother, it became clear that she also requires counseling.

We want to provide them with $1,000 for clothes, basic daily necessities, and school supplies. We also want to offer ten mental health sessions ($75 / session) for the single mother and the grandmother. Like many benevolence stories, there is no immediate solution that fixes every pain point for this family. By helping them address their trauma through counseling, we hope to guide them toward a healthier place where they can make decisions that lead to positive changes for their family.






raised of a $2,500.00 goal

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