Need 22.42 – Single Mother Needs Help After Recovering From Spinal Lesion

We alert you today to a single mother of five who needs help with past due bills. She is a domestic abuse survivor and has recently finalized the divorce from her abusive husband. She is employed full-time with a cleaning company where she works hard to sustain herself and her children. Toward the end of May, she began to experience numbness in her lower extremities. Doctors discovered a lesion on her spine that was pressing on her nerves, causing the numbness. She received treatment and spent over a week in the hospital.

Doctors put her on physical restrictions that significantly reduced her hours at the cleaning company. After almost two months, those restrictions are now lifted, allowing her to return to normal hours and work activities. During this time, she fell behind on her rent and is at risk of eviction. We want to stabilize her housing by covering her June and July rent, plus late fees. The total need is $1,900.






raised of a $1,900.00 goal

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