Need 22.45 – Wife in Desperate Circumstances after Husband Attempts Suicide

Today, we alert you to a wife and mother of three kids who is suffering greatly. Her husband has been out of work since November of 2021. On July 10th, 2022, he attempted to take his own life. He is currently in ICU with brain injuries, no short-term memory, and cannot stand or even sit up on his own. His long-term prognosis is uncertain, and he has no medical insurance. He controlled their finances, and although she knew they were struggling, she is uncovering a financial picture that adds more pain to an already tragic situation.

She is four months behind on the mortgage and will soon face foreclosure if she does not catch up. The mortgage company told her that she does not qualify for any forbearance programs until she is six months behind. We do not want to let her reach that point before receiving help. She needs $4,185 to bring her mortgage current. She also needs $712 to pay off an old gas filling charge and fill their heating tank before the winter months. Finally, she needs $600 to cover the cost of parts for a car repair. (She was able to find free labor.)

In connection with our partner church, we are working with her to find a sustainable path forward for their family. One option under consideration would bring her parents under the same roof with her. (They currently rent). This would alleviate some of the financial burden and provide additional support for her and the children. She has also cut off all extra bills, i.e. cable TV and other non-essential services. This is a tragic situation. This family needs our prayers, and they are reaching out to the body of Christ for help. The financial need is significant. Our heart’s desire is to deliver a tangible expression of God’s love and care for them in their time of need.






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