Need 22.44 – Single Mother Of Two Suffered Orbital Fracture

We alert you today to a single mother of two girls (11,7) who suffered a broken orbital bone a few months ago at the hands of her boyfriend. The abusive boyfriend injured her when he brutally beat her in their home. He is in jail, and she could not work for several weeks. She is back to work now, trying to dig out of a financial hole. She needs $500 to catch up on her power and water bill before they are disconnected.

As we spoke with her, we found out that she grew up in an abusive home, and this is her second abusive relationship. I asked how she was handling the trauma of this most recent abuse. She began to weep and said, “I am not. I am just trying to hold all of this together for my girls.”

We want to help her heal from the trauma she has experienced, with the hope that she will make different decisions in the future for herself and her daughters. We would like to provide ten sessions of trauma counseling with our mental health team at the cost of $750.






raised of a $1,250.00 goal

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