Need 22.55 – Single Mother Facing Prolonged Battle With Breast Cancer

We alert you today to a 52-year-old single mother of two boys who has been facing a prolonged battle with cancer. In 2017, she was diagnosed with stage 3b breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, received chemotherapy, and began a reconstruction process. During the reconstruction, her skin would not completely heal. After six months without resolution, the doctors recommended a full removal of her reconstruction.

In early 2020, doctors discovered metastatic stage 4 breast cancer in some residual tissue. She went through more chemotherapy and radiation. Her doctors have now found cancer in her lymph nodes, and she will have surgery later this month to remove them. Throughout this process, she has been fighting to stay afloat, financially. Two years ago, she went on disability. At $880 per month, her disability check is less than her monthly rent of $1,095.

While her circumstances seem insurmountable, she remains hopeful that she can win this battle with cancer and return to a more normal, productive way of life. We want to provide her with six months of rent support while she goes through another surgery and recovery.






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