Need 22.56 – 57-Year-Old Single Woman Needs Help

Today, we alert you to a 57-year-old woman who needs help to avoid eviction. She is a therapist and works with children that have special needs. She has a good work history and track record of providing for herself. However, she lost her longtime client at the beginning of August, and it took her a month to secure a new client. During that time, she got behind on her rent and is now facing eviction. We want to help her avoid eviction and all the additional problems it will create. We are confident that if we help her this month, she will be stable going forward, and she has also committed to financial counseling with one of our local church partners. She needs $1,800 to avoid the eviction. She has $700 to put towards it and needs our help with the remaining $1,100. We want to help her bridge this gap.






raised of a $1,100.00 goal

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