Need 22.43 – Single Mother Of Three Facing Eviction

Today, we alert you to a single mother of three children (12,10,6) who is facing eviction. She has a long history of providing for herself and her children, with no support from the children’s father. Additionally, one of her children has special needs and requires extensive care. She was laid off from work in February and remained out of work for six weeks with no unemployment benefits. She was able to secure new employment, but the gap in work left her in a hole that she has been struggling to get out of ever since.

As we all know, childcare and employment for single mothers can be very difficult to navigate. She is a caring mother and a very hard worker. We want to help her get out of this financial hurdle and prevent her from being evicted. She needs $1,600 this week to avoid that outcome. I am confident she will be able to sustain herself going forward.






raised of a $1,600.00 goal

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